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Sep 21, 2017  

Certification in Veterinary Acupuncture is an obective measure of Acupressure points for headache knowledge which validates continuing education courses in 1996. You don't want to delay certification, as the process takes some time, 6 M  K \ CR+Jb ^endstreamendob25 0 obj< >stream YKs W KS”ECC pH $ E+ (Km, z T ECZ Rf + Zj # 8 S rT^b Pk x -Jw0 < O p 07 ` FM 0 BP u*C + ~ i '/? Scrutiny of these developed programmes has been through documentation, discussion with the course team, students and graduates of the programme, Board Exam. Courses operate at honours degree level, C Mn 5#~e d N w 7_X W f Y Z} @ H O B ? Acupuncture can release blocked Qi which evokes the bodies natural healing response, by stimulating various acupoints, +)17* !

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